Risen Testifies at Sterling Pre-Trial Hearing

James Risen sat alone in the far corner of the expansive hallway outside the courtroom. It was a fitting beginning for a day in which he seemed alone, even apart from his lawyers. Risen was there in response to a government subpoena to testify in a pre-trial in the case of Jeffery Sterling. The government claims that Sterling, while working for the CIA, was a source in Risen’s reporting on an alleged U.S. government scheme to transfer flawed nuclear weapons blueprints to Iran more than a decade ago.

House Intelligence Committee Raises Speech and Debate Concerns for Jeffrey Sterling Testimony

The House Intelligence Committee asked for and obtained a protective order to sharply limit the testimony of former House Intelligence staffer Michael Sheehy in the Jeffrey Sterling trial.

Judge Brinkema Doubts Government Claims about the Russian Scientist

Judge Brinkema points to past government exaggerations when approving a subpoena for the Russian scientist involved in the Merlin plot.

In Plan for Risen Subpoena, Government Raises Sixth Amendment Interests of Jeffrey Sterling

In a filing, the government has limited the testimony it will demand from James Risen. But it raises the possibility that Jeffrey Sterling will demand more.

Will Government Try to Expose James Risen to Jeffrey Sterling Cross-Examination about His Sources?

While the government has anonymously claimed it won’t make James Risen expose his sources at the Jeffrey Sterling trial, that may not end the question of what he will have to testify to at the trial.

The Government’s Single-Source Theory of Investigative Journalism

The government’s argument in the Sterling case appears to depend on theory that a reporter of James Risen’s caliber would write an entire chapter based on a single source.

Jim Moran’s Basis for Kiriakou Pardon: Pro-Torture Leakers Have Gone Unpunished

Last week, Congressman Jim Moran called on President Obama to pardon John Kiriakou, the former CIA officer imprisoned because he provided information that helped defense attorneys for Gitmo detainees confirm the identities of their clients’ torturers (the still-covert identities of the torturer was never made public). (h/t Steven Aftergood) In his statement on the floor calling […]

The Leaky CIA’s Case Against Alleged Leaker Jeffrey Sterling

Jeffrey Sterling, the former CIA officer accused of leaking information on a dodgy CIA operation to deal Iran flawed nuclear blueprints, has been waiting for 3 years for his day in court. Since October 2011, the case has been on hold for various appeals. Most of the coverage on that delay has focused on reporter Jim Risen’s unsuccessful […]

Condi Rice Asked Jill Abramson to Stop Jim Risen from Reporting on Merlin

Last week, the Nation published ExposeFacts’ Norman Solomon and Marcy Wheeler story on the Government’s War on James Risen. The story described how people complicit in the programs Risen described had tried to convince the New York Times not to publish Risen’s stories. Shortly before the 2004 presidential election, Risen and his colleague Eric Lichtblau […]

A Tale of Two Alleged Iran Nuke Leakers

While we wait to see whether DOJ sends James Risen to jail for exposing one dumb Iran op, what is happening with the StuxNet leak case?