John Brennan Attempts to Fix CIA’s Diversity Problems He Has Had a Role In

The CIA says it should stop treating minority officers like it treated Jeffrey Sterling.

Jeffrey Sterling vs. the CIA: An Untold Story of Race and Retribution

A dozen years before his recent sentencing to a 42-month prison term based on a jury’s conclusion that he gave classified information to a New York Times journalist, former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling was in the midst of a protracted and fruitless effort to find someone in Congress willing to look into his accusations about […]

CIA Succeeds in Declaring Another African-American Man Alleging Discrimination a State Secret

Among the many things Jeffrey Sterling’s defense was not permitted to mention at his trial was that CIA had thwarted his Equal Opportunity lawsuit by invoking State Secrets over many of the same materials that would be used to convict him. Even while it was suppressing that detail in one courtroom, CIA was invoking it in another to successfully win dismissal of another African-American man’s Equal Opportunity lawsuit.

Partial Victory for Whistleblower Jeffrey Scudder

In July, ExposeFacts shared the story of Jeffrey Scudder, a CIA project manager who lost his job over an effort to FOIA old copies of CIA’s internal journal, Studies of Intelligence, that had been cleared for release but then withheld. The other day, Scudder won a partial victory in his fight to get the CIA to […]

A Tale of Two Alleged Iran Nuke Leakers

While we wait to see whether DOJ sends James Risen to jail for exposing one dumb Iran op, what is happening with the StuxNet leak case?