About ExposeFacts

While undemocratic authority thrives on secrecy, ExposeFacts is implementing strategies for greater civic transparency. One of our key goals is to bring whistleblowing to the forefront of public consciousness—in a process that widely seeks documentation of official government and corporate actions that cannot withstand the light of day. By openly and clearly facilitating the release of such information, ExposeFacts aims to support and strengthen journalism that is methodical, uncompromising, accurate and truly independent.

As a nonprofit organization dedicated to public education, the Institute for Public Accuracy has worked for more than 15 years to provide media outlets with crucial information and analysis, highlighting key facts below the surface of the news. Based in the National Press Building in Washington, D.C., IPA is able to draw on working relationships with large numbers of media organizations and independent journalists. IPA is providing substantial in-kind backup for ExposeFacts.org, constructing this effort on solid ground in terms of technical requirements, staffing, journalistic rigor and capacity to do wide public outreach.

Additionally, the Freedom of the Press Foundation has agreed to provide major assistance to IPA—generously donating software, installation and training for security best practices, as well as long-term consultation. This has enabled IPA to set up and operate the ExposeFacts.org website from the outset with the most suitable existing secure technology, vetted by top experts in the field.

Some other media outlets also use such technology. But the nonprofit work of ExposeFacts is distinguished by an approach that combines top-notch journalistic skills with real independence, bold outreach and vigorous promotion—committed to exposing realities of anti-democratic power while teaming up with whistleblowers who can provide key documentation.

IPA’s roster of several thousand experts, built since the late 1990s, will give ExposeFacts enormous range and depth—with the capacity to draw on vast knowledge and professional experience in such areas as intelligence, the military, diplomacy, government surveillance, civil liberties, banking, Wall Street abuses, corporate malfeasance and whistleblowing. This expertise is invaluable as ExposeFacts assesses incoming documents and other materials. In tandem with journalistic release of information, IPA fully utilizes its longstanding capabilities to directly reach thousands of journalists with context and experts available for interviews.