CIA Leak Trial: “This Case Is Not About Politics” [sic]

  Continuing to deliberate as this week gets underway, the jurors in the CIA leak trial might ponder a notable claim from the government: “This case is not about politics.” The prosecution made that claim a few days ago in closing arguments — begun with a somber quotation from Condoleezza Rice about the crucial need […]

Introducing Mrs. Merlin: To Prosecute Jeffrey Sterling, CIA Exposed an Asset

The government made a big show of protecting CIA’s secrets during the Jeffrey Sterling trial. But behind the show, they were exposing another asset, Merlin’s wife.

Jury Questions: Alleged Espionage Is Confusing

The jury in the Jeffrey Sterling trial has already had 3 substantive questions — two of them on venue.

Sterling Prosecution Long on Rhetoric, Short on Evidence

To hear the prosecution side tell it in the ongoing trial of Jeffrey Sterling, the former CIA officer who is accused of a national security leak involving Iran, Sterling has potentially (emphasis on potentially): * placed a CIA “asset” at risk; * hurt recruitment of other defectors, informants and turncoats; * scared other current “assets” […]

The Sterling Closing Arguments: Who Is the Hero, Who Is the Storyteller?

At the close of the Jeffrey Sterling trial, the government presented a story of patriots, heroes, and betrayal. The question is whether they pointed out enough evidence to convince the jury Sterling did betray their heroes.

Leak Trial Shows CIA Zeal to Hide Incompetence

  Six days of testimony at the trial of former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling have proven the agency’s obsession with proclaiming its competence. Many of the two-dozen witnesses from the Central Intelligence Agency conveyed smoldering resentment that a whistleblower or journalist might depict the institution as a bungling outfit unworthy of its middle name. Some […]

Government Tries to Implicate Sterling with Calls to CIA’s House Reporter

The government apparently thinks it is incriminating that Jeffrey Sterling might have had brief contacts with one of the CIA’s favored outlets for CIA views.

Government Tries to Convict Jeffrey Sterling for Retroactively Classified Documents about Rotary Phones

The government is trying to convict Jeffrey Sterling based off three documents dating to 1987 about dialing a rotary phone.

Government Pioneers Hairdresser Venue-Shopping in Jeffrey Sterling Case

“There is no such thing as a hairdresser privilege,” Judge Leonie Brinkema ruled in the Jeffrey Sterling trial today.

Why the CIA Is So Eager to Demolish Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling

Midway through the trial of former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling, one comment stands out. “A criminal case,” defense attorney Edward MacMahon told the jury at the outset, “is not a place where the CIA goes to get its reputation back.” But that’s where the CIA went with this trial in its first week — sending […]