The Pentagon and the Papers

The New York Times has focused on DOD’s embrace of censorship generally. But less attention has been given to the Air Force’s instructions on how to censor pictures of classified materials available (because of an accident or other incident) off a base.

How a Recent Department of Justice Decision May Harm Whistleblower Protections

A recent OLC decision that limited how much information DOJ has to share with its Inspector General may also limit whistleblower protections.

The Sixth Circuit Upholds Journalist’s Right to Invoke the Fifth Amendment

The Sixth Circuit just ruled that Journalist David Ashenfelter may refuse to testify by invoking the Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination.

Roll Call Embarrasses Congress into Considering Whistleblower Protections for Its Staff

When asked why they were declaring Whistleblower Appreciation Day before extending whistleblower protections to congressional employees, a number of prominent Senators agreed they should provide those protections.

Is the Intelligence Community Inspector General Trying to Give Contractors Whistleblower Protections?

One of the first intelligence community whistleblowers to get an appeal under a new process, John Reidy, raises many of the core issues with intelligence whistleblowers.

In Political Press, Hillary Clinton Gets Subjected to the Thomas Drake and Jeffrey Sterling Standard

The political press is attacking Hillary Clinton using the same standards of retroactive classification DOJ used against whistleblowers Thomas Drake and Jeffrey Sterling.

Osama Bin Laden’s Thuraya Phone

James Bamford and other NSA whistleblowers reveal the Thuraya phone intercepts that should have prevented 9/11.

John Brennan Attempts to Fix CIA’s Diversity Problems He Has Had a Role In

The CIA says it should stop treating minority officers like it treated Jeffrey Sterling.

Assessing the Candidates: Obama’s Whistleblower War Leaves Dangerous Legacy for Future Presidents

Here’s the thing about President Obama’s war on whistleblowers: In bringing espionage charges in nine cases involving disclosures or alleged misuse of classified information, the current administration has set a floor, rather than a ceiling, on the number and types of whistleblower espionage cases a future President can bring. And here’s another thing: With leaders […]

Senator Feinstein’s Funny Double Standard on Opposition to Torture

Dianne Feinstein pointed to David Petraeus’ letter encouraging people to report torture in her letter arguing for leniency. So why didn’t she write a letter supporting leniency for John Kiriakou?