In Claiming Clinton Free of National Security Breach, Obama Continues Pattern of Pre-judging Classified Docs Cases

There he goes again. In recently proclaiming Hillary Clinton free of any national security breach — even as the FBI was continuing its investigation of her use of a potentially risky private email server for official business while she was Secretary of State — President Obama continued his disturbing pattern of rendering his personal verdict […]

An open letter to civil rights groups in the U.S.

By Jeffrey Sterling
Dear NAACP, National Action Network, Rainbow PUSH Coalition, Congressional Black Caucus and others: Where were you? Where were you when I was faced with blatant discrimination at my job, when my employer told me I was “too big and too black” to do the job?

Senator Feinstein’s Funny Double Standard on Opposition to Torture

Dianne Feinstein pointed to David Petraeus’ letter encouraging people to report torture in her letter arguing for leniency. So why didn’t she write a letter supporting leniency for John Kiriakou?

Sterling Verdict Another Measure of Declining Government Credibility on Secrets

Even as Leonie Brinkema rejected the government’s claim that Jeffrey Sterling committed 7 discrete acts of Espionage, CIA’s former Directors were doubling down on frenzied claims about the importance of secrets.

Media Calls on Court to Release Petraeus Sentencing Materials

Thus far, the materials related to David Petraeus’ plea deal have not been made public. A group of media outlets are trying to change that.

To Send a Message, Judge Sentences David Petraeus to 75% of One Speaking Fee

To send a message about how serious a crime David Petraeus committed when he shared multiple covert IDs with his mistress, Judge David Keesler upped Petreaus’ fine to 75% of one of the former General’s speaker’s fees.

DOJ Claims Grossly Disparate Treatment Will “Promote Respect for the Law”

DOJ says sending Jeffrey Sterling away for decades while David Petraeus gets probation will promote respect for the law.

Desmond Tutu Calls for Justice for Jeffrey Sterling, Citing Petraeus Deal

Desmond Tutu submitted a letter to Judge Brinkema, calling for Jeffrey Sterling to receive the same kind of justice as David Petraeus.

Sterling’s Lawyers Finally Invoke Cartwright, Petraeus Double Standards

Jeffrey Sterling’s attorneys have finally been able to compare Sterling’s prosecution with that of Generals Cartwright and Petraeus.

Abbe Lowell Points to Petraeus’ Lies in Bid to Have Stephen Kim Released Early

Defense Attorney Abbe Lowell wants to know why his client, Stephen Kim, was denied a misdemeanor plea related to a leak investigation because he lied to FBI when David Petraeus also lied to FBI, but got a misdemeanor plea.