Partial Victory for Whistleblower Jeffrey Scudder

In July, ExposeFacts shared the story of Jeffrey Scudder, a CIA project manager who lost his job over an effort to FOIA old copies of CIA’s internal journal, Studies of Intelligence, that had been cleared for release but then withheld. The other day, Scudder won a partial victory in his fight to get the CIA to […]

New Email Release Shows: Peter King Demanded an Investigation To Find Journalist’s Sources Like Peter King

On May 7, 2012, then Associated Press reporters Adam Goldman and Matt Apuzzo broke the story of a thwarted al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) underwear bomb plot. Within a day, several news outlets — including ABC News, Los Angeles Times, and New York Times — reported that the culprit was actually a Saudi agent. On May 9, 2012, […]

A Tale of Two Alleged Iran Nuke Leakers

While we wait to see whether DOJ sends James Risen to jail for exposing one dumb Iran op, what is happening with the StuxNet leak case?

FBI Hides Its Use of NSLs from Congress

The FBI refuses to let DOJ’s Inspector General share some of the same information the office has shared on past reports, citing attorney-client privilege.

Pulitzer Prize Winners Call on DOJ to Withdraw James Risen’s Subpoena

The Department of Justice has been pursuing James Risen and his sources for over 8 years. 14 Pulitzer prize winning journalists think it’s time DOJ stopped.

The Government’s Insistence that Chefs Might Be Spooks Is Holding Up the Cafeteria Line

It started when Secrecy News observed Sodexo, the food service company, looking for a chef with security clearance. Though it may seem ridiculous, the requirement for a chef with a Top Secret clearance exemplifies a significant policy problem, namely the use of the security clearance process as an employee screening tool.

HRW Describes How Surveillance Makes Government Work Less Well

In comments made for a Human Rights Watch/American Civil Liberties Union report on the harms of surveillance, top national security journalists describe what the country loses when such journalists can’t do their work.

The Latest Kangaroo Court Leak Investigation

Just yesterday, the government found a way to move beyond the FBI’s investigation of Gitmo detainee Ramzi bin al-Shibh’s defense team by splitting his prosecution from the other 9/11 defendants. But it appears Gitmo has already found another defense team — that of former teen detainee Omar Khadr — with prosecution. The clerk of the Military Court of Review, to which Khadr’s attorneys are appealing his plea deal in light of recent court decisions limiting law of war prosecutions, has accused Khadr’s defense of leaking documents to Lawfare blog and potentially to The Canadian Press.

Jeffrey Scudder’s career-destroying FOIA submission

“Soviet Television – a New Asset for Kremlin Watchers,” was the title of an old CIA file over which career CIA project manager, Jeffrey Scudder, lost his job, according to a story in the Washington Post.