The Big Tech Surveillance Wall Being Built Under the Radar

By Todd Miller : Institute for Public Accuracy

Miller writes at The Border Chronicle and just wrote the piece “Autonomous Surveillance Towers Are Creeping Up the California Coast.”

Congressional Effort to End Assange Prosecution Underway

By Ryan Grim : The Intercept

Rep. Rashida Tlaib is collecting signatures on a letter calling on Attorney General Merrick Garland to end the extradition drive against WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange.

Whistleblowers losing faith in media impact

By Erica Techo — UGA Today

Study shows that as newsrooms shrink, so does the trust of some former sources

The whistleblowers who once trusted journalism are losing faith in the institution.

Carey Shenkman on the Espionage Act

By Sharon Kyle: LA Progressive

Carey Shenkman and Ralph Engelman took what many might consider and a dry topic and made it accessible to all.

The Supreme Court sleeps on defending boycotts and the right to political expression

Published by Cody Bloomfield: Defending Rights & Dissent

In an absurd ruling, the Eighth Circuit denied that boycotts are political expression. Now, the Supreme Court has denied writ of certiorari, letting the Eighth Circuit’s ruling in Arkansas Times LP v. Waldrip stand. This is a missed opportunity for the Supreme Court to take a stand for the proud tradition of political boycott in the United States.

The FBI, Anti-Globalization Protests, and FOIA Deception

Published by Chip Gibbons: Defending Rights & Dissent

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, international financial summits, like the IMF and the World Bank, attracted masses of protesters. In many cases, protesters engaged in civil disobedience. They were also met with brutal repression by police that included physical violence and illegal arrests. The media helped peddle police narratives that painted them as violent rioters engaged in senseless destruction for destruction’s sake. The reality is that protesters were victims of police riots.

Trump, Pence and Biden won’t be punished — but Chelsea Manning and Reality Winner went to prison

By Jesselyn Radack – Kathleen McClellan:

What happened to whistleblowers like our client Daniel Hale never happens to high-level government officials

We can now add Vice President Mike Pence to the list of former presidents and vice presidents who have had classified information found in their homes. While there are marked differences between Donald Trump intentionally keeping classified documents at Mar-a-Lago, and refusing to cooperate with authorities, and Pence and Joe Biden’s apparent discovery of classified documents that inadvertently ended up in their homes — and were returned voluntarily and promptly — the commonality between these cases and others involving high-level officials is the lack of serious punishment.

Killing the messenger: Joe Biden’s disturbing hypocrisy on Julian Assange

By Ben Cohen:

Ben & Jerry’s co-founder: Joe Biden stood up for press freedom as a candidate — but backtracked in the White House

Joe Biden may have broken the Espionage Act. It’s so broad that you may have, too

Trevor Timm — The Guardian

With President Joe Biden now embroiled in his own classified documents controversy, partisan commentators will surely have a field day playing the tired old game of “no, you endangered national security.” Instead, I’d like to focus on the real issues: the overly broad and often-abused Espionage Act and the massive, draconian secrecy system that does far more harm than good in the United States.

Key US Allies Collaborate On Espionage Laws Considered Harmful To Whistleblowers And Journalists

Richard Spence — The Dissenter — January 5, 2023

Ministers and security officials in Australia, Sweden, and the United Kingdom have coordinated with the United States to develop new espionage laws.