CIA Whistleblower: “Julian Assange Will Not Receive an Impartial Jury”

An interview with Jeffrey Sterling: Jacobin Magazine
Interview by Mohamed Elmaazi

Jeffrey Sterling is a former CIA officer, whistleblower, and graduate of Washington University Law School. After he had filed a discrimination lawsuit against the CIA, Sterling was controversially tried and convicted in 2015 under the 1917 Espionage Act in the Eastern District of Virginia. This same act is now being used to target publisher and journalist Julian Assange. Should the WikiLeaks founder be extradited to the United States, he, too, would face trial in this same district.

Drone King Obama Enjoys Life in $11 Million Mansion, While Drone Whistleblower Daniel Hale Goes to Jail for Exposing War Crimes

By Jeremy Kuzmarov –
April 9, 2021

Hale’s case reflects the twisted morality and corruption of the legal system in an imperialist nation.

In our upside-down world, good guys often go to jail, and bad guys get promoted and live luxuriously.

America The Usual

By Jeffrey Sterling

Though the assault on the Capitol was over two months ago, I continue to be haunted by not only what I saw in the news reports, but also in the overall meaning that was on stage for the world to see. Much more than a horrible insurrection and assault on democracy, what I saw, and have been continually reminded of, was that what happened on that fateful day was America, the usual.

Ma Bell with Mind Control: Liberalism, Radicalism, and the Evolving Face of Censorship

By Richard Eskow | Common Dreams | March 4, 2021

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper recently lamented the rise of domestic extremism in the Washington Post. “We pride ourselves on the institutions that have evolved over hundreds of years,” Clapper said, adding that “legal institutions, the rule of law, protection of citizens’ liberty, privacy” were “under assault.”

New Report: Are Whistleblower Laws Working?

March 2, 2021 – Government Accountability Project – International Bar Association (pdf)

A new report, Are Whistleblowing Laws Working? A Global Study of Whistleblower Protection Litigation, tracks the records of whistleblower laws in 38 countries and provides an unprecedented effort to understand the successes and shortcomings of whistleblower protection legislation worldwide, following a proliferation of laws in recent decades. Co-published by Government Accountability Project and the International Bar Association (IBA) Legal Policy & Research Unit (LPRU), the report aims to support legislators, policy-makers and regulators in designing and developing normative, institutional and judicial frameworks that effectively protect whistleblowers in law – and in reality.

Civil Liberties and Human Rights Groups Tell DOJ: Assange Indictment Poses Grave Threat to Press Freedom

February 8, 2021

Acting Attorney General Monty Wilkinson:

We, the undersigned press freedom, civil liberties, and international human rights advocacy organizations, write today to share our profound concern about the ongoing criminal and extradition proceedings relating to Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, under the Espionage Act and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

Enough with the Goddamned Secrets! Open Up the Government Joe!

January 18, 2021 by Dave Lindorff: This Can’t Be Happening

The incoming Biden administration is considering breaking with a long-standing tradition of new presidents sharing national secrets with prior presidents. Instead, in the case of his future predecessor Trump, Biden says he wants to hear the advice of key national security figures in the new government regarding whether or not to brief the impeached ex-chief executive once he’s out the White House door.

Ruling Assange Can’t Be Extradited Is an Indictment of US Prisons

Charles Glass | The Nation | 6th January 2021

But the British court judgment, which is likely to be appealed, also delivers a body blow to freedom of speech.

My junior year high school English teacher liked to tell a story about Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson to illustrate the differences between America’s two great transcendentalist writers. Thoreau was jailed in 1846 for withholding taxes that paid for the invasion of Mexico and protected slave owners. Emerson came to speak to Thoreau through the bars of his cell. My teacher, with theatrical flair and stentorian voice, recounted the conversation:

If Assange’s Fate Were Up To a Jury, He, Too, Might Have Walked Free

Charles Glass | The Nation | 21st December 2020

Like William Penn and John Peter Zenger, the Wikileaks founder is fighting for our freedom.

When the magistrate presiding last September at Julian Assange’s extradition hearing, Vanessa Baraitser, confined the defendant to a bullet-proof glass cage at the back of the court, she had precedent on her side. All who entered her courtroom at London’s Central Criminal Court, the Old Bailey, had to pass a plaque memorializing a case against another defender of free speech and thought. The finely wrought marble plaque reads:

Biden’s Choice on Julian Assange and the First Amendment

Charles Glass, The Intercept

Assange’s liberty represents that of all journalists and publishers whose job is to expose government and corporate criminality without fear of prosecution.

When Joe Biden becomes president of the United States on January 20, a historic opportunity awaits him to demonstrate America’s commitment to the First Amendment. He can, in a stroke, reverse four years of White House persecution of journalism by withdrawing the application to extradite Julian Assange from Britain to the U.S. This would be in line with the departures from Trump policies Biden is proposing on health care, environmental protection, and tax fairness. Assange’s liberty represents the liberty of all journalists and publishers whose job is to expose government and corporate criminality without fear of prosecution. We need and deserve to be protected against government control of the press.