Peace-washing: Is a network of major donors neutralizing activism in the peace movement?

With Democrats in power (for now), powerful funders may be trying to tame or silence progressive peace activists

By Dave Lindorff :

Reporting for this article was funded by a grant from the ExposeFacts program of the Institute for Public Accuracy.

During the four years of the Trump administration, resistance and even revolutionary talk were in the air as organizations with names like The Resistance and Our Revolution brought together liberals, Democrats of all stripes and Sandernistas, all opposed to President Donald Trump and to Trumpism in all its manifestations.

Drone Whistleblower Daniel Hale Jailed Ahead of Sentencing

It’s unclear precisely why Hale was arrested, and court documents show that his lawyers objected.

Alex Emmons – The Intercept

Daniel Hale, a former Air Force intelligence analyst who pleaded guilty to sharing classified documents about drone strikes with a reporter, has been arrested ahead of his sentencing in July.

Whistleblowers: Plenary Panel with Daniel Ellsberg and Edward Snowden, moderated by Amy Goodman

An historic conversation between Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg and National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden, moderated by the award-winning journalist and host of Democracy Now! Amy Goodman.

First Amendment Groups Press Supreme Court For Access To Surveillance Court Opinions

By Nina Totenberg :

First Amendment groups are asking the U.S. Supreme Court to make public major decisions authorizing government surveillance, opinions that until now have remained almost secret.

Something Extraordinary – A Whistleblower Wins

For nearly 30 years, Eveline (Evi) Emmenegger has been a microbiologist, working for the U.S. Geological Survey, mainly in its Seattle-based Western Fisheries Research Center (WFRC). For more than a decade, she managed its highest biosafety level containment laboratory studying aquatic pathogens.

Leniency for whistleblower Daniel Hale

Defending Rights & Dissent

On March 31, Daniel Hale, a drone whistleblower, pled guilty to one count of violating the Espionage Act. Hale admitted in court that he gave to an investigative reporter documents detailing human rights abuses pertaining to the US’s troubling assassination program. Although this information was in the public interest, the government nonetheless indicted Hale under the Espionage Act.

CIA Whistleblower: “Julian Assange Will Not Receive an Impartial Jury”

An interview with Jeffrey Sterling: Jacobin Magazine
Interview by Mohamed Elmaazi

Jeffrey Sterling is a former CIA officer, whistleblower, and graduate of Washington University Law School. After he had filed a discrimination lawsuit against the CIA, Sterling was controversially tried and convicted in 2015 under the 1917 Espionage Act in the Eastern District of Virginia. This same act is now being used to target publisher and journalist Julian Assange. Should the WikiLeaks founder be extradited to the United States, he, too, would face trial in this same district.

Drone King Obama Enjoys Life in $11 Million Mansion, While Drone Whistleblower Daniel Hale Goes to Jail for Exposing War Crimes

By Jeremy Kuzmarov –
April 9, 2021

Hale’s case reflects the twisted morality and corruption of the legal system in an imperialist nation.

In our upside-down world, good guys often go to jail, and bad guys get promoted and live luxuriously.

America The Usual

By Jeffrey Sterling

Though the assault on the Capitol was over two months ago, I continue to be haunted by not only what I saw in the news reports, but also in the overall meaning that was on stage for the world to see. Much more than a horrible insurrection and assault on democracy, what I saw, and have been continually reminded of, was that what happened on that fateful day was America, the usual.

Ma Bell with Mind Control: Liberalism, Radicalism, and the Evolving Face of Censorship

By Richard Eskow | Common Dreams | March 4, 2021

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper recently lamented the rise of domestic extremism in the Washington Post. “We pride ourselves on the institutions that have evolved over hundreds of years,” Clapper said, adding that “legal institutions, the rule of law, protection of citizens’ liberty, privacy” were “under assault.”