Official Leaks: “These Senior People Do Whatever They Want”

A new draft of DOD Inspector General’s investigation into the information shared with Zero Dark Thirty’s makers reveals more about Leon Panetta’s role in the leak.

Desmond Tutu Calls for Justice for Jeffrey Sterling, Citing Petraeus Deal

Desmond Tutu submitted a letter to Judge Brinkema, calling for Jeffrey Sterling to receive the same kind of justice as David Petraeus.

Sham Aluminum Tubes Undercut Claims of Damage in the Jeffrey Sterling Case

If Iran was still getting fooled by US sabotage years after James Risen exposed the Merlin operation, government claims that Jeffrey Sterling’s claimed leak hurt efforts to thwart Iran’s nuclear program are false.

Sterling’s Lawyers Finally Invoke Cartwright, Petraeus Double Standards

Jeffrey Sterling’s attorneys have finally been able to compare Sterling’s prosecution with that of Generals Cartwright and Petraeus.

Abbe Lowell Points to Petraeus’ Lies in Bid to Have Stephen Kim Released Early

Defense Attorney Abbe Lowell wants to know why his client, Stephen Kim, was denied a misdemeanor plea related to a leak investigation because he lied to FBI when David Petraeus also lied to FBI, but got a misdemeanor plea.

DOJ’s Telling Argument against Sterling’s Selective Prosecution Claim: Eric Holder’s Priorities

An argument DOJ made to rebut Jeffrey Sterling’s selective prosecution claim gets close to admitting that Eric Holder has prioritized prosecuting people like him, who pointed out CIA screw-ups, but has not prioritized prosecuting insiders who have the ability to embarrass the President.

David Petraeus Gets Hand-Slap for Leaking, Two Point Enhancement for Obstruction of Justice

David Petraeus will plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of mishandling classified information, but face no punishment for lying to the FBI.

CIA Succeeds in Declaring Another African-American Man Alleging Discrimination a State Secret

Among the many things Jeffrey Sterling’s defense was not permitted to mention at his trial was that CIA had thwarted his Equal Opportunity lawsuit by invoking State Secrets over many of the same materials that would be used to convict him. Even while it was suppressing that detail in one courtroom, CIA was invoking it in another to successfully win dismissal of another African-American man’s Equal Opportunity lawsuit.

Jeffrey Sterling Moves for Acquittal Based on Government’s Expansive Interpretation of Spying

Jeffrey Sterling just moved for acquittal on all charges against him, largely because the government never proved that any actions he took took place in Virginia.

The CIA Convinces Another Outlet to Sit on a Big Scoop

The CIA has, once again, convinced an outlet to sit on a story for an extended period of time: Newsweek with its scoop that the US was involved in the car bomb killing of Imad Mugniyeh.