HRW Describes How Surveillance Makes Government Work Less Well

In comments made for a Human Rights Watch/American Civil Liberties Union report on the harms of surveillance, top national security journalists describe what the country loses when such journalists can’t do their work.

The Latest Kangaroo Court Leak Investigation

Just yesterday, the government found a way to move beyond the FBI’s investigation of Gitmo detainee Ramzi bin al-Shibh’s defense team by splitting his prosecution from the other 9/11 defendants. But it appears Gitmo has already found another defense team — that of former teen detainee Omar Khadr — with prosecution. The clerk of the Military Court of Review, to which Khadr’s attorneys are appealing his plea deal in light of recent court decisions limiting law of war prosecutions, has accused Khadr’s defense of leaking documents to Lawfare blog and potentially to The Canadian Press.

Jeffrey Scudder’s career-destroying FOIA submission

“Soviet Television – a New Asset for Kremlin Watchers,” was the title of an old CIA file over which career CIA project manager, Jeffrey Scudder, lost his job, according to a story in the Washington Post.