Jeffrey Sterling: The Government’s Circumstantial Case

The government presented a compelling, but circumstantial case. Jeffrey Sterling’s lawyer poked big holes in that. But the government doesn’t have to prove Sterling was James Risen’s only source, just that he did serve as a source for classified information.

Government Wants to Know Potential Sterling Jurors’ Opinions about Whistleblowers

While the government objects to the judge asking questions about potential jurors’ in the Jeffrey Sterling trial opinions about Condoleezza Rice, it does want to know how they feel about whistleblowers.

The Jeffrey Sterling Trial: A Preview

An overview of what to expect from the Jeffrey Sterling trial.

Judge Brinkema Doubts Government Claims about the Russian Scientist

Judge Brinkema points to past government exaggerations when approving a subpoena for the Russian scientist involved in the Merlin plot.

Will Government Try to Expose James Risen to Jeffrey Sterling Cross-Examination about His Sources?

While the government has anonymously claimed it won’t make James Risen expose his sources at the Jeffrey Sterling trial, that may not end the question of what he will have to testify to at the trial.

The Leaky CIA’s Case Against Alleged Leaker Jeffrey Sterling

Jeffrey Sterling, the former CIA officer accused of leaking information on a dodgy CIA operation to deal Iran flawed nuclear blueprints, has been waiting for 3 years for his day in court. Since October 2011, the case has been on hold for various appeals. Most of the coverage on that delay has focused on reporter Jim Risen’s unsuccessful […]