Yes We Can

By Jeffery Sterling

At FCI Englewood, a federal prison, as I wait for my appeal to be heard, I am looking back on the presidency of Barack Obama. A supporter recently sent me a subscription to New York Magazine and the first issue I received, ironically, features the eight years of the Obama presidency, under the title “Hope and What Came After.” I was immediately struck by the title used to name the series of pieces about and from Obama on his tenure, because the same title could be used for my experience during the Obama years. Obama’s election, for many reasons, meant and embodied hope for me; what came afterward was anything but. As his presidency draws to an end, I can only hope that the change will once again have an impact on my life, maybe this time for the better.

Obama’s ‘Factually Incorrect’ Edward Snowden Remarks: Game Over for a Pardon?

Obama says he ‘can’t’ pardon Snowden. But one of his attorneys hasn’t given up hope.
By Steven Nelson

President Barack Obama told German journalists last week that he can’t pardon Edward Snowden unless he physically submits to U.S. authorities. Those familiar with American law know there’s no such restriction and interpret “can’t” as meaning “won’t.”


Dear President Obama:

On your first day in office, you embraced the goals of ensuring the public’s trust and strengthening our democracy in a memorandum on transparency and open government. As your administration winds down and our democracy faces strong headwinds, we urge you to take the following important steps to empower citizens, Congress, and the courts to protect our system of separated powers and make sure that our government continues working as the founders intended.

A New Documentary Explores the Devastating Effects of Drone Warfare on Victims and Whistleblowers

Murtaza Hussain
November 20 2016

CIA Whistleblower Kiriakou Honored for Integrity

The U.S. government gives free passes to officials who commit war crimes but imprisons whistleblowers who tell the truth, a fate that befell CIA’s John Kiriakou for disclosing torture. But he was honored by some ex-intelligence officers, reports Ray McGovern. By Ray McGovern Former CIA official John Kiriakou, who spent two years in prison for revealing the truth […]

Drone Whistleblowers Step Out of the Shadows

In Washington’s drone wars, collateral damage comes home
by Pratap Chatterjee