Liberate the Whistleblowers Now

If one truly believes in American values, then one must also agree that Whistleblowers must be liberated, and freed immediately from earthly bondage, whether it be prison, home incarceration, vindictive prosecution/persecution by politically motivated government officials, disenfranchisement from voting or working, and all around pariah status in the United States, and in the rest of the world.

Not every individual who leaks or pilfers confidential information to reveal it to third parties can be considered a whistleblower, however.

If Donald Trump Targets Journalists, Thank Obama

By James Risen

WASHINGTON — If Donald J. Trump decides as president to throw a whistle-blower in jail for trying to talk to a reporter, or gets the F.B.I. to spy on a journalist, he will have one man to thank for bequeathing him such expansive power: Barack Obama.

Mr. Trump made his animus toward the news media clear during the presidential campaign, often expressing his disgust with coverage through Twitter or in diatribes at rallies. So if his campaign is any guide, Mr. Trump seems likely to enthusiastically embrace the aggressive crackdown on journalists and whistle-blowers that is an important yet little understood component of Mr. Obama’s presidential legacy.

The Global Assassination Grid

The Infrastructure and People behind Drone Killings
Cian Westmoreland

NSA Watchdog Removed for Whistleblower Retaliation

Top NSA Watchdog Who Insisted Snowden Should Have Come to Him Receives Termination Notice for Retaliating Against a Whistleblower

Until just a few months ago, George Ellard occupied a position of trust as top watchdog of the National Security Agency, America’s principal collector of signals intelligence. Ellard was not only NSA’s Inspector General, but an outspoken critic of Edward Snowden, the former contract employee who leaked hundreds of thousands of classified emails to publicly expose the agency’s domestic surveillance program.

Government Watchdog Conducting New Investigation Into Pentagon Whistleblower Retaliation

The watchdog wing of Congress has quietly launched an investigation into the “integrity” of the Pentagon’s whistleblower protection program. The previously unreported investigation, started in late October, expands on an ongoing effort by the Department of Justice on this same issue.

The Government Accountability Office, which serves as the investigative arm of Congress, has been looking into the extent to which Department of Defense whistleblower policies “meet executive branch policies and goals,” reassure employees of their rights to raise concerns “without fear of reprisal,” and require officials to report to Congress, among several other areas of concern.

Intelligence Chief Publishes New Training Guide to Teach Whistleblower Rights

Intelligence chief James Clapper this week published a new training curriculum on whistleblower rights for all federal employees and contractors with access to classified information, even as critics point out that effective recourse for reporting problems remains limited.

The four-part course fulfills a promise Clapper made in the fall of 2015 and is designed to train all government employees, from analysts in intelligence agencies to Postal Office workers, in reporting “illegality, waste, fraud, and abuse while protecting classified national security information,” according to a blog post shared on the intelligence community’s Tumblr page, IC On The Record.

Imprisoned former CIA officer fights conviction over leak

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Once an employee of the powerful CIA, Jeffrey Sterling now sits behind bars at a federal prison in Colorado. He bides his time by reading and writing and working at the facility’s recreational center.

Nearly two years after Sterling was found guilty of leaking government secrets to a reporter, the 49-year-old maintains that he is innocent. Sterling is now pinning his hopes for an early release on a federal appeals court, which will soon consider whether to reverse his convictions.

Government Surveillance

National Geographic – Host Richard Bacon discusses government surveillance with journalist Jeremy Scahill, spy master James Woolsey, and whistleblower Cian Westmoreland.

Looking forward: We must stay strong and stay together

By Chelsea Manning, Medium. December 1, 2016 Every day, I can feel the slow terror of us going backwards. Repression. People losing their heath care. People being stopped from voting. People being blocked from speaking, and exercising their rights. I fear the horrible consequences that are facing a lot of us in the coming days, […]

Yes We Can

By Jeffery Sterling

At FCI Englewood, a federal prison, as I wait for my appeal to be heard, I am looking back on the presidency of Barack Obama. A supporter recently sent me a subscription to New York Magazine and the first issue I received, ironically, features the eight years of the Obama presidency, under the title “Hope and What Came After.” I was immediately struck by the title used to name the series of pieces about and from Obama on his tenure, because the same title could be used for my experience during the Obama years. Obama’s election, for many reasons, meant and embodied hope for me; what came afterward was anything but. As his presidency draws to an end, I can only hope that the change will once again have an impact on my life, maybe this time for the better.