VIDEO: War, Journalism and Whistleblowers: 15 years after Katharine Gun’s truth telling – Press Conference 1 March 2018

Avaaz Ignores Libya Lessons in Advocating for Syria No-Fly Zone

(Second of two articles) A recent two-part series in The New York Times laid out in detail the pivotal role that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton played in President Obama’s decision to join in France and Britain’s 2011 military campaign against long-time Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. The Times articles make the case that Clinton bears […]

As in Libya, Avaaz Campaigns for Syria No-Fly Zone That Even Top Generals Oppose

(First of two articles) “I worry sometimes that, when people say ‘impose a no-fly zone,’ there is this almost antiseptic view that this is an easily accomplished military task. It’s extraordinarily difficult. Having overseen imposing a no-fly zone in Libya, a force that is vastly inferior in air forces and air defenses to that which […]

Seven Whistleblowers to Speak at News Conference: “The Obama Administration’s War on Whistleblowers”

At an unprecedented news conference with U.S. government whistleblowers spanning a wide range of eras and “national security” agencies, seven former officials with the NSA, CIA, FBI, State Department and Pentagon will assess the Obama administration’s current policies toward whistleblowers.

Speakers will include: William Binney (NSA), Thomas Drake (NSA), Daniel Ellsberg (Pentagon Papers), Raymond McGovern (CIA), Jesselyn Radack (Justice Department), Coleen Rowley (FBI) and Kirk Wiebe (NSA).

Jim Moran’s Basis for Kiriakou Pardon: Pro-Torture Leakers Have Gone Unpunished

Last week, Congressman Jim Moran called on President Obama to pardon John Kiriakou, the former CIA officer imprisoned because he provided information that helped defense attorneys for Gitmo detainees confirm the identities of their clients’ torturers (the still-covert identities of the torturer was never made public). (h/t Steven Aftergood) In his statement on the floor calling […]