securedropWhile no software can provide an ironclad guarantee of confidentiality, ExposeFacts—assisted by the Freedom of the Press Foundation and its “SecureDrop” whistleblower submission system—is utilizing the latest technology on behalf of anonymity for anyone submitting materials via the website.

As journalists we are committed to the goal of protecting the identity of every source who wishes to remain anonymous.

The seasoned editorial board of ExposeFacts will be assessing all the submitted material and, when deemed appropriate, will arrange for journalistic release of information.

new-exposefacts-posterIn exercising its judgment, the editorial board is able to call on the expertise of the ExposeFacts advisory board, which includes more than 40 journalists, whistleblowers, former U.S. government officials and others with wide-ranging expertise.

We are proud that Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg was the first person to become a member of the ExposeFacts advisory board.

The SecureDrop implementation for ExposeFacts overseen by the Freedom of the Press Foundation is only accessible using the Tor browser. As the Freedom of the Press Foundation notes, no one can guarantee 100 percent security, but this provides a “significantly more secure environment for sources to get information than exists through normal digital channels, but there are always risks.” ExposeFacts follows all guidelines as recommended by Freedom of the Press Foundation, and whistleblowers should too; the SecureDrop onion URL should only be accessed with the Tor browser — and, for added security, be running the Tails operating system. Whistleblowers should not log-in to SecureDrop from a home or office Internet connection, but rather from public wifi, preferably one you do not frequent. Whistleblowers should keep to a minimum interacting with whistleblowing-related websites unless they are using such secure software.

Copy and paste this URL into the Tor Browser to access SecureDrop: http://znig4bc5rlwyj4mz.onion

Please note that ExposeFacts journalists reviewing SecureDrop submissions are not attorneys, and submitting information to ExposeFacts is not a guarantee of legal representation by the Whistleblower & Source Protection Project at ExposeFacts. If you are seeking legal assistance, journalists will forward your request to WHISPeR’s attorneys. If you have an immediate legal deadline, we recommend you speak with a private attorney.